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Watch Phoenix perform “Entertainment” at the Palace of Versailles

on August 30, 2013, 9:20am

phoenix verseailles Watch Phoenix perform Entertainment at the Palace of Versailles

In the past, Paris’ storied Palace of Versailles has served as the home to King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. But during a recent session for La Blogotheque’s “Take Away Show”, the Sun King’s former hunting lodge was occupied by another set of French royalty in Phoenix.

Hitting up the Gardens of Versailles during a particularly sunny dawn, the band delivered a sweeping acoustic take on the Bankrupt! single “Entertainment”. The performance is made all the more glorious due to the fact that it’s all one long take with loads of dramatic aerials shots thanks to a drone camera. After this one, they better just rename the whole property to le Château de Phoénix. Catch the replay below.

Early next week, La Blogotheque will unveil another video from the session in “Bourgeois”, alongside a short film documenting the lead-up to the Versailles performance.

In 2009, Phoenix filmed a “Take Away Show” on the streets of Paris in support of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, and you can revisit those performances here.

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