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10 Things We Loved at Boston Calling: September 2013

on September 09, 2013, 2:20pm
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You might say You Won’t, but you definitely will

You Wont 1

Photo by Ben Kaye

Opening up the main stage was perhaps Boston’s most prominent duo, You Won’t. Devotees were scooping out territory before Viva Viva had even opened the day over on the other side of the festival, a clear sign of the following guitarist/singer Josh Arnoudse and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Raky Sastri have spurred in their hometown. Their blend of folk and indie pop came off somewhere between The Tallest Man on Earth and The Walkmen, complete with melodica, harmonium, and even wind chimes. While Sastri bounced between every instrument imaginable, Arnoudse’s pinched vocals carried songs like “Three Car Garage” and stomp-clap closer “Television”. As much as the crowd adored the band, the band showed their love to friends and fellow performers Lucius. “Pick one of the attractive people in Lucius and stalk them through the day,” Arnoudse advised. “And if you find me, I’ll help you go home with them.” –Ben Kaye

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