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TV Ghost – Disconnect

on September 19, 2013, 12:00am

It seems like just about every genre is enjoying some sort of revivalist movement these days. And, while many critics spend their words taking artists to task for a lack of originality, everything operates in cycles. Trends follow the path of the Ouroborus, and, like anything else, if the timing is right, a genre study can be as valid a contribution as any — especially when it is as perfectly rendered as TV Ghost’s newest full length, Disconnect.

The biography posted on the band’s Facebook page makes it clear that they are well aware that the sounds they produce have a tendency to evoke flashbacks of a younger Ian McCulloch and the glory days of British post-punk. TV Ghost frontman Tim Gick’s vocals take on a similar air of abandon to those of the main Bunnyman, but using that parallel as the sole descriptor does this record a serious disservice.

Disconnect is a winding adventure through a world of caverns carved out by delayed guitars that echo for miles, seas of subtle synths, and spooky organs that add extra substrate when the guitars chase Gick’s deep and brooding cries into the sky. The drumming continuously pushes things forward, in both the upbeat jaunts and trippy slogs through the nethers of psych-rock that make up the record.

Album opener and lead single “Five Colors Blind” is a driving, hypnotic rocker in which Gick fights through walls of reverse reverb. As the song draws to a conclusion, he testifies in an inharmonic shout over blasts of noisy guitars and sonic artifacts. The deep psych explorations of “Placid Deep” and “Dread Park” are as satisfying as the upbeat jogs, everything mapped out into a single, dynamic journey. Disconnect is a rich, cohesive trip through the caverns of a psychedelic Atlantis.

Essential Tracks: “Five Colors Blind”, “Placid Deep”, and “Others Will Be Born”