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Arcade Fire’s new album titled Reflektor, artwork inspired by Greek mythology

on September 09, 2013, 8:13am

arcade fire cover

Today’s the big day: At 9pm, Arcade Fire officially release their new single, “Reflektor”. Since it’s past 9pm in New Zealand, the song is already available for purchase on iTunes, and with it comes additional details about the band’s fourth album.

According to its listing on iTunes (via ArcadeFireTube), the album is also titled Reflektor, and sports the album artwork posted above. Thirteen tracks are featured and, as ArcadeFireTube points out, the listing suggests they’re spread out over two discs. “Reflektor” serves as the opening track; the titles and running times for the other 12 tracks have yet to be revealed. Update: According to the band’s websiteReflektor is in fact a double album. It’s currently available for pre-order.

The album cover portrays the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. Per Encylopedia Mythica:

Eurydice and Orpheus were young and in love. So deep was their love that they were practically inseparable. So dependent was their love that each felt they could not live without the other. These young lovers were very happy and spent their time frolicking through the meadows. One day Eurdice was gaily running through a meadow with Orpheus when she was bitten by a serpent. The poison of the sting killed her and she descended to Hades immediately.

Orpheus was son of the great Olympian god Apollo. In many ways Apollo was the god of music and Orpheus was blessed with musical talents. Orpheus was so sad about the loss of his love that he composed music to express the terrible emptiness which pervaded his every breath and movement. He was so desperate and found so little else meaningful, that he decided address Hades. As the overseer of the underworld, Hades heart had to be hard as steel, and so it was. Many approached Hades to beg for loved ones back and as many times were refused. But Orpheus’ music was so sweet and so moving that it softened the steel hearted heart of Hades himself. Hades gave permission to Orpheus to bring Eurydice back to the surface of the earth to enjoy the light of day. There was only one condition–Orpheus was not to look back as he ascended. He was to trust that Eurydice was immediately behind him. It was a long way back up and just as Orpheus had almost finished that last part of the trek, he looked behind him to make sure Eurydice was still with him. At that very moment, she was snatched back because he did not trust that she was there. When you hear music which mourns lost love, it is Orpheus’ spirit who guides the hand of the musicians who play it.

Update: You can hear the band’s new single “Reflektor” within an interactive short film. Also check out the band’s other video for “Reflektor”, directed by Anton Corbijn, below.

Reflektor the album arrives October 29th via Merge.

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