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Breaking Bad’s Top 5 Music Moments

on September 27, 2013, 3:15pm
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5. “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” by Gnarls Barkley

At the end of Breaking Bad’s first season (which clocked in at only seven episodes), one of its early “villains,” Tuco Salamanca, beats a member of his crew to death in front of Walt and Jesse after a meth deal in an old scrap yard. The duo has already been through a lot, what with the whole disposing of corpses/strangling debacle, but the inaugural season ends on an eerie note as they watch the man they’re now doing business with kill someone for being redundant. As Walt and Jesse shuffle past piles of mangled cars with a Ziploc bag full of money in hand, the soul of Gnarls Barkley soaks into the shot. The song gives us CeeLo at his grittiest, and his gospel-infused plea, “Who’s gonna save my soul now?” soars over plucked strings and a dense bass, lyrically setting the tone for the entire series.

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