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Breaking Bad’s Top 5 Music Moments

on September 27, 2013, 3:15pm
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4. “Stay on the Outside” by Whitey

The sound editing when this thumping track kicks into gear is so superb that everything from the sliding of the bedside table to cover the ricin cigarette outlet to the zipper of a pillow’s sleeve sound like part of the original instrumentation of “Stay on the Outside”. As Walt and Jesse tear apart Jesse’s house in search of the lost dose of ricin, the even-paced bass and quickening vocals heighten the scene’s already anxious-as-hell tensions. Despite the fact that we know Walt has the ricin cig, Jesse doesn’t. It’s painful to watch poor Pinkman, who at this time is under the impression that he may or may not have accidentally poisoned his girlfriend’s son, break down over a pile of Roomba vacuum debris as he finds the fake Walt planted for him to find, but such is the heartbreak of the show.

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