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Death Grips’ No Love Deep Web to receive physical release

on September 13, 2013, 12:12pm

death grips no love commercial

Turns out those vinyl copies of Death Grips’ No Love Deep Web are part of a wider, official release set for November 19th. On that day, the album previously released for free on the web, will be available on CD and LP.

The physical release is being distributed by Harvest, a subsidiary of Capital Music Group, who Death Grips signed a deal with earlier this year. As part of the partnership, the band is launching its own imprint called Thirdworlds.

The commercial version of the album comes complete with new, decidedly less explicit artwork, though based on the small print (“Warning: Contains graphic imagery which may be offensive to some people”), I’m guessing Zach Hill’s genitalia is still somewhere to be found within the packaging. Pre-orders are now ongoing through Amazon.

Below, listen to the album standout “Come Up and Get Me”:

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