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Listen: Mount Eerie turns “The Hidden Stone” from drone-rock to straight-up R&B

on September 25, 2013, 12:00pm

Mount Eerie - Pre Human Ideas

As previously reported, Phil Elverum’s next album as Mount Eerie, Pre-Human Ideas, sees him reimagine tracks from throughout his discography (specifically Clear Moon and Ocean Roar) with Auto-Tune, drum machines, and newly-written lyrics. Already we’ve heard the totally renovated “Lone Bell”, and today Elverum unveils his fresh take on “The Hidden Stone”.

Taken from 2009’s black-metal inspired Wind’s Poem, the original composition is a masterclass in assaultive, lo-fi drone-rock. The rework takes all that piercing distortion and brings it down several notches, leaving most of the attention on the interplay between heavily Auto-Tuned male and female harmonies. The end result is perhaps some of the most sensual and surprisingly human drone-rock you’re bound to encounter all year (if not, like, ever). Take a listen at NPR.

Pre-Human Ideas is due out November 12th via Elverum’s own label P.W. Elverum & Sun.

Pre-Human Ideas Tracklist:
01. Organs (from Pale Lights)
02. No Inside, No Out
03. I Say “No”
04. The Hidden Stone
05. The Place Lives
06. The Place I Live
07. Lone Bell
08. House Shape
09. Clear Moon
10. Yawning Sky
11. Ocean Roar
12. Organs (from The Place Lives)

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