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Listen: Nine Inch Nails’ remix of “Find My Way” by Oneohtrix Point Never

on September 19, 2013, 1:33pm


Nine Inch Nails’ own Hesitation Marks track “Find My Way” has received the remix treatment from Brooklyn experimental artist Oneohtrix Point Never. The gloomy, glitch-filled original is fractured into several uneven bleep-happy parts, strung together only by long, unpredictable silences. The new rework, a harrowing jumbled mix of noise, evokes an overwhemling sense of anxiousness, despair, and the general feeling that Reznor will forever be lost.

The remix appears on the deluxe edition of Hesitation Marks, which also includes that interesting 45-minute conversation Reznor has with… himself.

Meanwhile, Oneohtrix Point Never’s forthcoming R Plus Seven is due out October 1st via Warp Records.

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