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Listen to How To Dress Well sing Kanye, Drake, and Miley Cyrus on new hangover mix

on September 16, 2013, 4:14pm

how to dress well 2012

On Sunday morning, Tom Krell, a.k.a. How To Dress Well, woke up “super hungover”, no doubt regretting the pyramid of Jager shots that closed the previous night. But rather than mope around eating fast food and watching season four of Gilmore Girls, he whipped up a fun, 45-minute mix humorously dubbed, “I Think Life Might Be Elsewhere (Hangover Mix)”.

Along with music by M.I.A. and Saves The Day, it features a new Ryan Hemsworth edit of Future’s “Honest” and — here’s the best part — Krell singing Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, Kanye West’s “Hold My Liquor”, and Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”. Listen to the entire mix below.

Krell described the mix’s aesthetic value:

ok i woke up super hungover today and made this mix of songs :+)

i felt like singing, but i didn’t have the energy to do anything but lay in bed and sing into the macbook mic

it’s super noisy and there’s a lot of fucked noise and shit in it

it’s like a mix of songs that soothe and punish kinda idk really

ryan sent me his song on gchat like 5 mins after i woke up it made everything really better he is the sweetest guy around

hope you like the mix xoxoxoxxxxx

And here’s the tracklist:

hard to do these things alone bb hungover macbook mic a capella – tk
honest – future (hemsworth’s post-rock tears bootleg)
last remnants – koreless + hard way – chief keef
bonnie & clyde – tink
nightrail from the sun – lubomyr melnyk + me singing
hold my liquor – kanye + me singing
blue moon – kendall johansson (official transition to winter song)
430 am – kevin gates
blocka la flame – travis scott + me singing wrecking ball – miley cyrus
carmelita – gg allin
at your funeral – saves the day (htdw + ‘everything is’ by crash of rhinos)
caps lock – m.i.a.

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