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Listen to The Dismemberment Plan’s new song, “Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer”

on September 10, 2013, 1:42pm

rsz dismemberment plan Listen to The Dismemberment Plans new song, Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer

The Dismemberment Plan squeeze the heart pretty hard on their latest track, “Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer”. The third official cut off their forthcoming reunion record, Uncanney Valley, finds frontman Travis Morrison honoring the sacrifices his father made as he grew up. It’s super sweet and picks up on the intimacy inferred on previous tracks “Waiting” and “Invisible”. It’s looking more and more like the singer’s hardly closing the book on his personal life. Stream it below.

Uncanney Valley, the band’s first album in 12 years, is due out October 15th via Partisan Records. In related news, we recently asked Morrison to share his “Top Five Riotous Moments”. He returned with not only that, but also a really great playlist dubbed, “What Robocop Had on His Walkman Playlist”. Check it all out here.

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