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Listen to Woods’ Kevin Morby’s glowing new song, “Miles, Miles, Miles”

on September 05, 2013, 4:30pm


Kevin Morby, member of both Woods and The Babies, is set to release his own solo debut, Harlem River, on November 26th via Woodsist. Our first look at the full-length comes courtesy of this charming new track, “Miles, Miles, Miles”. Like the final last leg of an exhaustive journey, it’s a gentle and mellow folksy number that’s careful not to exert too much energy, content in pleasant, slow-rolling melodies and the occasional understated guitar solo. “If you knew just how far I traveled…” Morby warbles, his soft voice lifted up by distant, yet hearty organ hums. His voice trails off, but we sense he’s seen quite a lot of the open road.