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Riot Fest Chicago 2013: Top 20 Riotous Moments

on September 16, 2013, 7:18pm
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20. Blondie


Photo by Daniela Montelongo

You mean, the Blondie? Yes. At 68 years old, Debbie Harry is still asking you to call her.

Is that Professor McGonagall? Perhaps her lost sister? The whole cult/wizard outfit was a bit much, and oddly bizarre given that October’s still a good two weeks away. Watching her sway around in the baggy robe during “One Way or Another” had me Googling old cover art for Parallel Lines to jog my memory.

She’s a Beastie Boys fan, though. Why wouldn’t she be? The former Playboy bunny was one of the most sought after sex icons of New York City in the ’70s. She’s from the 305, but her heart’s always been 212. When she squeezed “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” into “Rapture”, it only made sense.


Photo by Daniela Montelongo

Who’s that old guy up there? Chris Stein. He’s only responsible for co-writing their best song, “Heart of Glass”, among others.

“And he would’ve been right. I admit it. I live in a highly excited state of overstimulation.” The Nicki Brand of yesteryear still adores her crowd, even if several admittedly snuck out towards the end.

Riotous Scale [1-5 fists]: Two from the elderly (and adorable) gay couple championing Harry on and singing every word.

–Michael Roffman

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