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The Adventures of Pete and Pete return as a podcast… sort of

on September 17, 2013, 4:50pm

dannyandmike The Adventures of Pete and Pete return as a podcast... sort of

The last time Pete and Pete went on an adventure it was May 1st, 1996 and their fictional hometown of Wellsville carried out its typically weird activities on a regular “Saturday”. Now, over 17 years later, their adventures continue — sort of.

Here’s the rundown: Actors Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete) and Michael Maronna (Big Pete) have re-teamed for “a monthly offering of adventure and fun” in their new podcast, The Adventures of Danny and Mike. Together, the two “will be tasked with a series of challenges at each new destination ranging from guest bartending in Montreal to managing an ice cream truck in Brooklyn.”

In other words, it’s a meta twist on the ’90s cult Nickelodeon television series — a la Curb Your Enthusiasm for Seinfeld — with an older, sarcastic, and twisted version of our childhood heroes. The first episode is already available on iTunes and focuses on their trip to Portland’s Petesfest. Subscribe here.

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