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Watch Autre Ne Veut’s Kubrickian video for “Ego Free Sex Free”

on September 24, 2013, 10:05am

autre Watch Autre Ne Veuts Kubrickian video for Ego Free Sex Free

Future-pop sensation Arthur Ashin, a.k.a. Autre Ne Veut, returns with a new video for Anxiety single “Ego Free Sex Free”. Now, Stanley Kubrick’s been dead for over 14 years, but clearly that didn’t stop him from directing this subtle, eerie clip. Over one distant establishing shot, he captures a bunch of aristocrats in a synchronized dance, conjuring up images from his past works (Barry Lyndon and The Shining, specifically). But here’s the weird thing: According to information on the video’s YouTube section, it’s just another video by creative team BANGS with direction by Allie Avital Tsypin. Huh, I could have sworn it was the bearded guru back in the flesh. Humbug. Stream below.