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Asobi Seksu’s Top 10 Songs

on October 03, 2013, 12:00pm
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asobiseksu promo1 Asobi Seksus Top 10 Songs

When we last heard from Asobi Seksu, they had released a stellar Record Store Day split single with Boris. Their cover of the Japanese sludge trio’s “Farewell” now feels like a hidden message, because earlier this week Asobi Seksu said goodbye with a series of social media updates announcing an indefinite hiatus. The story behind the departure is a mystery, only that they “love asobi 2. That’s why we had to let it go for now.”

Things aren’t entirely bleak for Asobi Seksu fans, however, with promises of future projects and that they “hope to make more down the line” and “may write for Asobi again in a couple years.” Regardless of what the future holds, the psychedelic trance popsters have given us a decade’s worth of material and live shows that unleashed an awe-inspiring, thunderous noise while still inciting jump and dance along moments. To pass the time until their return, here are Asobi Seksu’s most essential tracks.

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