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Disclosure addresses controversial “Help Me Lose My Mind” video

on October 21, 2013, 8:30am

disclosure Disclosure addresses controversial Help Me Lose My Mind video

Disclosure are riding a pretty high wave thanks to their Top Star-earning debut, Settle. But as always, success doesn’t make you immune to controversy. Earlier this month, the brotherly duo’s video for their London Grammar-featuring single “Help Me Lose My Mind” was pulled by their label (PMR) after accusations of glorifying drug use filled the clip’s comment section. In an interview with Revolt, the band defended the video while remaining in agreement with the label’s decision.

Guy Lawrence, the older of the brothers, said “the video doesn’t actually contain anyone doing drugs,” but that “once comments like that started coming up, we just didn’t want to offend anyone or upset anyone.” They added that the label pulled the video while they was sleeping, but that they “would have done the same thing.”

Disclosure went on to say they don’t consider the incident a “big deal,” because “music video’s aren’t our thing; we write songs.” Below, you can watch the entire interview and check out the song itself (sans video).

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