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Gary Glitter is the Most Evil Musician of All Time

on October 31, 2013, 10:07am

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You voted and we counted: Former glam rock singer-songwriter Gary Glitter is the most evil musician of all time. His wicked stench rises over the shit-stained GG Allin; his foul makeup dries up Insane Clown Posse’s; and even the miserable Chris Brown drives away at the sight of him. Courtney Love is no match, neither is The Eagles, and certainly not Chief Keef or convicted murderer Phil Spector. With such a terrifying reign, it’s no surprise he’s already being written out of glam rock history.

And so, the month-long search has come to an end. You can safely lock your doors, bolt your windows, and turn off the lights knowing comfortably who to fear forever. And ever. And ever.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

Winner: Gary Glitter

garyglitter Gary Glitter is the Most Evil Musician of All Time“Rock and Roll (Part 2)” – also known as “The Hey Song” and best recognized as an overplayed stadium anthem that sits comfortably beside “We Will Rock You” in the pantheon of tunes that appeal to base instincts – emerged from the glammed up and twisted mind of Gary Glitter in 1972. Glitter was a man of few lyrics who hid something sinister behind his sculpted eyebrows and shiney stage jackets. The whispers of impropriety that followed Glitter for decades finally came to the public’s attention after a busted hard drive of child pornography was discovered by a PC World store employee. Glitter faced a bevy of kiddie porn charges in his native U.K. and also had his cameo being ripped from the final theatrical cut of Spice World.

Hey Now! The troubled singer took to the lam, embarking on a world tour to escape the authorities. But this twisted hideout across southeast Asia merely netted Glitter a string of even worse offenses as he engaged in sexual assaults with underage victims in Cambodia and Vietnam. Glitter was caught and served time in a number of countries, but oddly enough he is free at the moment and announced plans to record a new album. I hope I speak for all Earth’s citizens when I say “Gary, give it up and go away. The world doesn’t need a “Rock and Roll (Part 3)” and we could all stand to lose a man who harbors such sinister urges.” –Dan Pfleegor