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Listen: White Lung blow your speakers with “Blow It South”

on October 02, 2013, 11:00am

white lung art

White Lung’s brand of power-punk is known for being unforgivingly vicious, as on the “fuck you”-punk of last year’s Sorry. On new single “Blow It South”, lead singer Mish Way manages to add even more menace to her voice as it curls deep with foreboding tension. It bridges that dark river between scary and sexy, just as the furious guitar squeals and pummeling drums cause fearful attraction to twist in your stomach. “As I take you to the shower / we’ve only got an hour or two,” Way hungrily seduces, “Let’s blow it south and you’ll come out ’cause I made you.” Sure, it sounds enticing when you read it, but listen to the delivery below and then decide how erotic it really is. And can we talk about the artwork!?!

“Blow It South” is the A-side to a 7-inch with three release dates: October 28th digitally, in the US on November 5th from Deranged, and Nov. 11th via Sexbeat in the UK.