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Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit: A Weekend Guide

on October 24, 2013, 11:44am
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mountain oasis

Asheville. Late October. The leaves are falling, the seasonal ales are brewing, and dozens of bands are descending upon various venues across downtown. It’s that time again – the fourth annual Moogfest is upon us. Wait… scratch that. This year, the festival formerly known as Moogfest has been reborn as Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit, with the original name being used for a separate event in April. Rest assured, Ashley Capps and his team put together a lineup worthy of holding their own weight as the debut of a new festival experience.

Speaking of experiences, there’s much more to Asheville than just the festival. In this handy weekend guide, we’ll give our top picks for each day music-wise, and also shed light on sights to see and places to chow down while you take in the mountain air. With music only happening in the evenings, there will be plenty of time to explore what Asheville has to offer. And don’t just take our word for it — find a local and have him point you in the right direction.

One more word of advice before we get to the good stuff: bundle up guys, it’s gonna be a cold one. Make sure your Halloween costume is one that happens to have plenty of layers and just be thankful 2011’s outdoor stage isn’t making a return appearance. Regardless of the weather, just be overjoyed that AC Entertainment rolled with the punches and came out on the other side with a new festival for us to keep the tradition going. Hopefully, the Halloween masses will still be coming to Asheville for MOEMS on whatever weekend is closest to All Hallow’s Eve for years to come.

FYI: If you still need tickets to this weekend’s festivities, grab ’em here. Act fast.

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