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Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit: Top 14 Performances

on October 28, 2013, 6:35pm
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Rustie vs. United States of America

Rustie Friday

Photo by Derek Staples

For the last half-decade, Scotland’s Rustie has been helping shape the UK’s eclectic underground garage scene, a sub-genre that’s still finding some traction Stateside. Even at a festival as progressive as Mountain Oasis, Rustie’s ability to meld powerful basslines and wonky deep drops with fluid melodies challenged the dancefloor. Although the producer has multiple production credits on Danny Brown’s Old, it was the Skywlkr-produced “Dip” that Rustie cued up to instigate total dancefloor mayhem. With intermittent scratch sessions, Rustie also demonstrated that he is much more than a keen track selector, but a truly practiced turntablist. –Derek Staples

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