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Some dude named Tripmonster actually bought The Residents’ $100,000 box set

on October 23, 2013, 1:05pm

theresidentsfridge02 Some dude named Tripmonster actually bought The Residents $100,000 box set

Back in December, masked art collective The Residents announced the release of their Ultimate Box Set, a $100,000 collection encompassing first pressings of every single Residents release ever (100-plus items total), all cased within a stainless steel refrigerator. For those who thought the outrageous price tag would deter anyone from snagging one of 10 such super fridges, think again.

As NBC Bay Area points out, the band sold its first Ultimate Box Set to a Bloomington, IN resident named Tripmonster (birth name Dexter Ulysses “Tripmonster” McGillicutty). Over the weekend, members of The Residents’ management teamed accompanied the fridge to Bloomington and filmed the grand unpackaging for a forthcoming film about the band.

Check out more photos of the fridge below. Eggs to anyone who said that second mortgage wasn’t worth it, Tripmonster!





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