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Soundgarden’s 1990 compilation Screaming Life/Fopp reissued by Sub Pop

on October 01, 2013, 10:51am


Well, here’s one for the shaggy-haired nostalgics. Recently, Sub Pop grabbed a flashlight and hit up their archives, where they discovered their 1990 compilation of Soundgarden’s first two EPs: Screaming Life and Fopp. So, in light of everyone’s renewed interest in flannel, they’ve remastered the tracks with original producer Jack Endino and will release ’em digitally (a first) and on vinyl (a first since a rare reissue in the late ’90s) come November 26th.

Blame it on anticipation, but Endino offered his two cents:

Ah, Screaming Life, Soundgarden’s debut, and one of the first real records I made for anyone outside my own band. I already knew Soundgarden pretty well, since they and Skin Yard had shared the stage many times in Seattle’s tiny club scene circa 1985-1986. Soon after opening Reciprocal Recording in July 1986, there I was with Soundgarden, trying to make the most of our eight tracks. Somehow, we found room for all of Matt Cameron’s “bonus tubs,” Hiro’s primordial Fender bass, and a whopping four tracks to share between Kim Thayil’s mad guitar psychedelia and Chris Cornell’s still-expanding voice. “Nothing To Say” was the song that made us all look at each other and go, ‘uh, holy crap, how did we do this?’”

The compilation also features their “Sub Pop Rock City” track, which originally appeared on the label’s Sub Pop 200 compilation back in 1988. Revisit “Nothing to Say” with its cool, new video below, followed by the compilation’s tracklist shortly after.

In related news, did you know Chris Cornell and The Avett Brothers are pals?

Screaming Life / Fopp Tracklisting:
01. Hunted Down
02. Entering
03. Tears to Forget
04. Nothing to Say
05. Little Joe
06. Hand of God
07. Sub Pop Rock City
08. Fopp
09. Fopp (Fucked Up Heavy Dub Mix)
10. Kingdom of Come
11. Swallow My Pride