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Tyler, the Creator directs “Glowing” video for anonymous band

on October 29, 2013, 11:00am

tyler 2013

OFWGKTA head honcho Tyler, the Creator is back with a brand new music video. Only this time, it’s not for one of his songs. Rather, as NPR explains, Tyler was reportedly so blown away by a pop ballad titled “Glowing” that he agreed to write and direct the video himself. In a strange twist, however, the band behind the song wishes to remain anonymous.

In the video, Tyler portrays a couple’s relationship over the years alongside images of war, famine, poverty, and other harsh realities of the world. As Odd Future manager Christian Clancy explained to NPR, “What people take from it is up to the viewer I suppose. Controlling the narrative seems contradictive to the point. For me it’s a challenge to the assumption that ignorance is bliss, and that challenge is as timely as it’s ever been.”

Watch below.

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