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Video: Kanye West confronts Jimmy Kimmel on Live!

on October 10, 2013, 2:10am

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It started with an innocent Late Night spoof of an innocent interview with a British radio personality. But Jimmy Kimmel’s childish jabbing at Kanye West’s pearls of wisdom soon erupted into a full-fledged rap feud. Shots were fired and jabs were thrown from both sides, and last night it all came to a head when Yeezus made his promised appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Though the above GIF says otherwise, the ensuing conversation was actually quite civil. Kimmel began by admitting to Kanye that he had only seen little parts of the interview and had taken it out of context, mostly in the spirit of comedy. “The main reason I did this was because I like to see kids curse,” he explained. Kanye said the spat was not a publicity stunt (“Anyone out there in TV land or whatever land you live in should know I don’t do publicity stunts. Don’t think that guys. Ever”). Rather, he said he had reached a boiling point with media’s representation of him and was angered by Kimmel, because the two had a previous relationship and assumed he was someone he could trust to portray him in a proper light.

Kimmel went on to explain that though his jokes can be hurtful, “it’s not something that comes to mind when I’m cooking up a comedy sketch.” Kimmel said the perception is that he’s “a guy with millions of dollars, a beautiful wife, and a new baby, we can’t hurt him,” which isn’t true. However, Kimmel told Kanye he isn’t doing himself or his public perception any favors. “You bring this on yourself in a way. A lot of people think you’re a jerk.”

Kanye contended, “I’m not running for office. I am just here to make good music, make people feel good when they hear my music. And ya know when I did that interview, I was really vocal about a lot of things I’ve been dealing with over the last 10 years when I was put in the classification of “just” a celebrity. Because, ya know for me, I’m a creative genius and there’s no other way to word it. I know you’re not supposed to say that about yourself. And I say things the wrong way a lot of times, but my intention is always positive. And I’m going to bring more things to the world.”

The second half of their conversation dealt with many of the same topics Kanye touched on during his BBC Radio 1 interview, specifically his aspirations, perceived classicism, and the media. Perhaps his most profound quote? “I think media does everything it can to break artists, to break spirits. And I do everything I can to break media.” A close second? “It’s not safe for you in this zoo. Don’t think for a second that I’m not from Chicago.”

Replay the interview in full below, via Rapdose:

Part One:

Part Two:

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