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Watch: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s Return to Maine documentary

on October 03, 2013, 10:57am

lady lamb doc

Aly Spaltro began teaching herself music only five years ago in the sleepy town of Brunswick, Maine. Since then, she’s adopted the moniker Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, moved to Brooklyn, and released a stunning debut record, Ripely Pine. Though the petite songwriter has grown quite a bit since playing small gigs in Brunswick and Portland, she’s held fast to a deep, comforting love for her hometown and state.

In the new 17-minute documentary Return to Maine, produced by Spaltro and BreakThru TV, the Lady retraces her roots as she returns home for a Ripely Pine release show. Filmed in early March of this year, Spaltro revisits the teashop where she had her first gig, the lot where she practiced while playing hooky, and the famous-to-those-who-know-her-demos Bart and Greg’s DVD Explosion!. Snippets of the release show at Portland’s Space Gallery are spliced throughout, capped off with a complete, full-band performance of “Crane Your Neck”. Walk with Lady Lamb through the snowy streets of Maine by clicking play below.


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