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Fiona Apple refused to let Panic! at the Disco sample “Every Single Night”

on November 02, 2013, 2:47pm

Fiona Apple 2012

Panic! at the Disco are still making music. In fact, they’re no longer the all-frills emo-pop band you may remember from your high school days (though they still have an exclamation point in their name). Their latest album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!, sees the band experiment with dance music and hip-hop beats. It was also supposed to feature a sample of Fiona Apple’s “Every Single Night”, only Fiona refused to grant the band permission, as Panic frontman Brendon Urie revealed to Revolt TV.

According to Urie, the album’s single “Miss Jackson” was originally titled “Bad Apple” and included Fiona’s vocals from “Every Single Night”. However, Fiona “was not having it, man, she was bummed on us.” Urie added that he is a longtime Fiona fan, and still loves her music, but referred to her as “bitch” for not clearing the sample. Classy.

Watch the interview below, which includes a snippet of “Bad Apple” with Fiona’s vocals, below.

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