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Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013: Top 10 Sets + Photos

on November 11, 2013, 9:05pm
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fun fun fun

Fun Fun Fun Fest may be the first festival I’ve been to that felt curated in a generationally appropriate way for its audience. All the cultural reference points– musically, with rock, rap and electronic music and non-musically, with absurd t-shirt guns shooting tacos, pro wrestling, extreme sports, raunchy comedy– felt a lot more fitting than what festival organizers two to three times the age of its average attendee offer up.

FFF is digitally connected– offering mobile chargers for its attendees smartphones and a promptly updated mobile application– and humored, sending out goofy push notifications and other social media missives with a distinctly tongue-in-cheek voice. All it needs is more meme references, YouTube personalities and big-time EDM festival draws and it’ll be right in line with teens coming of festival-going age.

fff bmx Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013: Top 10 Sets + Photos

Of course, what’s beautiful about FFF is that it’s never just one thing. Its diversity is almost unparalleled next to any comparable festival. It’s all things to all people: reunions and comebacks of legacy acts (Ice-T and Body Count, Television, Kathleen Hanna’s The Julie Ruin, Sparks and more, detailed here), those with rising legacies (Deerhunter, Cut Copy, Thee Oh Sees, also detailed here) and local Austin acts, just to name three niches FFF caters to.

We here at Consequence of Sound did our best to delve into each and every one we could find at Auditorium Shores this past weekend. It was a doozy. Check it out.

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