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Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013: Top 10 Sets + Photos

on November 11, 2013, 9:05pm
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Best Band That Made White People Dance

Cut Copy


Photo by Amy Price

But Dave Chappelle says white people like electric guitar: In the age of EDM and dubstep, the Dave Chappelle wisdom of what makes white people dance needs an update. In 2013, it’s pounding drum machines and big lead synth lines. Cut Copy had those in spades Friday night. Oh, how far white people have come.

And so has Cut Copy: The Australian quartet has gone from Bright Like Neon Love’s Beach Boys and doo-wop vocal harmony inflections, the New Order-like, four-on-the-floor dancefloor anthems of In Ghost Colours, tribal-percussion affectations of Zonoscope, and now the trippy psychedelic vibes of Free Your Mind. Basically of all of these modes were touched upon in Cut Copy’s setlist: “Free Your Mind”, “Where I’m Going” and “So Haunted”. “Hearts on Fire” got the kind of crowd reaction “Blue Monday” gets.

So is the band ready for the big time? Cut Copy’s synth-pop anthems have been ready for a big star turn since 2008! It’s not a matter of if, but when. Whether it’s the band’s current Free Your Mind album cycle that jumpstarts it or it comes soon– whenever it happens– Muse’s, The Killers’, Depeche Mode’s, even New Order’s festival slots are not safe.

–Paul de Revere

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