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Here’s a record store made out of Legos, bask in its glory

on November 05, 2013, 4:54pm


I remember being six years old and experimenting with LEGOs, trying to find out just how many I could stuff into my mouth without choking. (I was a weirdo.) Those days are long gone now, thankfully, but the tiny blocks have grown to become a tried and true toy for many generations. They’ve also been the literal building blocks of some exquisite art as of late.

First, there was that massive, jaw-dropping stadium. Then, Michael Jackson’s totally re-imagined “Thriller” video. Now, here’s another masterpiece fashioned from those oh so versatile toy bits: an amazing mini record store. Created by Ryan Howerter, it utilizes the smallest of details and the tiniest of blocks, many actual 1×1 and 2×2 printed tiles.

Every inch of this small-scale scene is worth poring over — from the adorable overhead speaker and tiny turntable to the delightfully colorful and designed LP jackets, and, yes, even the various hipster characters. (I see you, sideburns guy.) Even toddler me would know this is far too pretty to eat.

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