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Ian Curtis’ kitchen table is again for sale on eBay

on November 18, 2013, 6:31pm

ian curtis table

In case you missed out on the first go-around, the kitchen table once owned by Joy Division singer Ian Curtis is again available on eBay. Apparently, the highest bidder of the previous auction was Canadian and a “time waster” (go figure), so the table’s current owner, Tel Harrop, has re-listed it for £100.

As the story goes, after Curtis’s suicide in 1980, his wife Debbie sold the house, including the table, to a next door neighbor, who then passed it on to her daughter. Eventually, it was auctioned off to Harrop, who didn’t realize he possessed Curtis’s table until watching the biopic Control.

While he originally informed bidders he owned “certificates of authenticity,” Harrop later explained that “the emails weren’t sent for the express purpose to authenticate the table’s sale as a piece of memorabilia.” No doubt that had to do with concerns raised by the Curtis family and former bandmates. In a statement to NME last week, Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris called the auction “distasteful and upsetting,” before clarifying that “Deborah and Natalie (Curtis) would like to point out that the sale of this table has nothing whatsoever to do with them.”

Responding to the negative blowback, Harrop told NME, “I’m upset the way (the auction’s) gone but I didn’t put it on for the money, I just did it for good intentions. I want the sale to end now because it’s all got out of hand.”

On the eBay page of the new auction, Harrop includes a lengthy account of how he came into possession of the table and why he’s deciding to sell it. He writes, “At least I can do a better Job at representing myself and the sale of this Table then the Media did, Manchester Evening News Excluded.”