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Kanye West is suing the co-founder of YouTube

on November 01, 2013, 10:35am


Never a dull day in the life of Kanye West — not that we’re complaining. On the plus side, he’s waking up to a photograph of Drake dressed as him for Halloween. On the downside, the next email in his inbox either has to do with his derailed Yeezus tour or his lawsuit against YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley.

As Billboard reports, Hurley was in attendance for Kanye’s proposal to Kim Kardashian, which he filmed and uploaded to his new video service MixBit. The only problem? Hurley wasn’t technically invited to the ceremony, but was allowed to remain as a spectator after signing a non-disclosure agreement, in which he agreed to not distribute photographs or video.

“Exclusive rights, such as those sold by plaintiffs to publication of video of the event, are particularly valuable,” the lawsuit states. “If people violate these rights … they are of substantially diminished value,” especially if you’re planning to air the proposal on Kim’s reality TV show, like Kanye is reported to be doing.

Luckily, Kanye should be able to make up those lost profits with his new G.O.O.D. Music clothing line. Launched today, it includes hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and other items embroiled with the logo of Kanye’s record label. Check it out here.

Here he is, with a smile on his face, modeling the hoodie:

kanye hoodie

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