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Stream The Entrance Band’s new album, Face the Sun

on November 18, 2013, 11:50am

entranceband2013 Stream The Entrance Bands new album, Face the Sun

After years of confronting personal struggles and turmoil, the members of The Entrance Band announced their comeback in September with their first album in four years, Face the Sun. According to the band, the album sees them emerge from the “long tunnel of addiction, anxiety, sorrow and sadness,” utilizing their shared struggles as motivation as they “willfully turn toward the light and take in the prism of paradise.” The album officially arrives November 19th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond, and you can preview the band’s long and winding journey with an exclusive stream below.

As the band themselves describe their approach, they attempted to “recognize and honor both sides of the journey toward the light – the glory and the gruesome…the light and the dark.” The resulting nine-track collection is the hybrid of the band’s grime-ridden and heavily dissonant stoner rock with bubblier strands of ’60s garage-pop and dance music that have bent, distorted, and burned around the edges.

“No Needs” abounds with romance and charm, achieving new levels of joyfulness and optimism as the band eschew crushing guitar noise for the playful interaction of folklorico and surf-rock guitars. “The Crave” is marked by even more intriguing guitar work; though the dissonance and twangy interludes sound like post-apocalyptic blues, there’s a sultriness to the track’s slow unveiling. Album closer “Night Cat” is the clearest example of interplay between light and dark elements. Without Guy Blakeslee’s jagged croon, this instrumental becomes a battle between the menacing drone of post-rock guitar and drums and pockets of blank space brimming with a sense of hopefulness.

While it’s hard to tell if the band has completely defeated their demons, or just buried them for the time being, one nugget of truth remains clear: they’ve achieved clarity with mere confrontation, crafting an album that pushes musical boundaries of both intensity and ingenuity while maintaining a core of pure and unassuming emotionality.

Pre-orders for the album are ongoing. In support, the band have several West Coast dates lined up for later this month. Consult their full schedule here.

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