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The 10 Essential Greatest Hits Albums

on November 13, 2013, 12:05pm
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10. Journey – Greatest Hits

journey The 10 Essential Greatest Hits Albums

Released: 1988

There’s always room for Steve Perry. As one of the greatest vocalists in rock ‘n’ roll — and yes, I say that with a straight face — it’s hard to ignore his melodies in even the cheesiest Journey anthems. Whether it’s the “whoa oh”s of “Faithfully” or his manic urgency behind “Separate Ways”, Perry hits the appropriate notes to win hearts over in the sleaziest or weepiest of times. Here’s the thing, though: There isn’t any essential Journey album to own, not even their 1981 blockbuster, Escape. Everything you could ever want or need from the San Francisco hitmakers is in their 15x Platinum-selling Greatest Hits compilation that’s been keeping Perry’s wallet comfortable since ’88. The collection spans a little over an hour and spaces out the “event listens” with the inclusion of lesser known hits a la “Only the Young”, “Ask the Lonely”, and “Be Good to Yourself”. Car trippin’ royalty forever. –Michael Roffman

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