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Arcade Fire cover band needs another guitarist and “someone who knows what a hurdy gurdy is”

on November 04, 2013, 5:46pm

arcade fire cover band

If you never got that call back from T0DD Cl0UD, fret not. Some topical rocker from Toronto is striking while the iron is red hot by forming an Arcade Fire cover band. Guess playing dress up just isn’t enough for some people.

In the Craiglist ad (above), an unnamed guitarist is looking to enlist upwards of 20 or so musicians for the project, including another guitarist, two singers, back-up vocalists, steel drummers, an accordion player, two more drummers, a harpsichordist, a full horn section which “MUST come as a package,” and “someone who knows what a hurdy gurdy is.”

We’d like to help out and lend any support we can, so here’s a few possible names: Piazza Inferno, Cloister Combustion, Portico Flair, Arkade Fyre, Erif Edacra, The Suburbanites,The Neon Bible Thumpers, and The Refraktors.

If you live in the Toronto area, respond to the ad here. Below, enjoy some real Arcade Fire with the video for Reflektors title track:

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