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Top MP3s of the Week (11/21)

on November 22, 2013, 12:00am
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cassettes Top MP3s of the Week (11/21)

After a successful year, this week served as many artists’ last hurrah. Even though many packed a punch with phenomenal album releases and energetic live shows, they’ve come back to give one last taste. While there have been many awesome collaborations that hit the music world as well, the top of our countdown may reveal the best one yet, featuring a young UK electronic duo, a smooth pop powerhouse, and a legendary funk guitarist.

10. Thee Oh Sees – “Block of Ice (Live at the SF Eagle)”

theeohsees singles3 Top MP3s of the Week (11/21)

Next week, Cali garage rockers Thee Oh Sees will release Singles Collection Volume Three, a smattering of out-of-print and rare songs from the past few years, much to the joy of fans and collectors who missed out on these illusive songs when they were first released. Exclusive to the compilation is a “mutated” live version of “Block of Ice”, which perfectly captures the band’s propensity for turning their own songs inside out when performing them live. Here, they create something entirely new and twisted. Stream this track and the entire collection here–Jon Hadusek

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