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Watch: Odd Future’s Halloween movie, The Ghost of the Hotel

on November 01, 2013, 12:26am

tylerghostfilm Watch: Odd Futures Halloween movie, The Ghost of the Hotel

Move aside, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, we’ve got a new holiday standby with Odd Future‘s own slice of horror, their newly revealed Halloween film entitled The Ghost of the Hotel. Tyler, the Creator jokingly refers to it as “the greatest movie of all time,” and the young auteur may, in fact, be underestimating the final product. As the group notes, the film’s plot centers around “A Little Girl (that) Dies By The Stairs In A Hotel And Detective Ray And Tony Has To Find Out Who Did It Before Its Too Late………”

What follows is a kind of buddy-cop-stoner-comedy-horror fusion, highlighted by some of the most dynamic special effects this side of a Michael Bay film and emotionally rich dialogue exploring the intricacies of human interaction. Psyche! With a totally indecipherable storyline, the lads bring it home with the same shit-talking dialogue they’ve built their careers on, a ghost who may or may not be able to actually see, and truly primo vocal inflections that would make Karl Urban in Dredd jealous (that last bit may or may not be a good thing.) End your evening on something other than a sugar high when you watch below.

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