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Sun Glitters – Scattered Into Light

on December 02, 2013, 12:00am
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The formalism of a full-length album looks strange on Victor Ferreira. Through his recorded work as Sun Glitters, he tends to stitch together a patchwork of collaborative singles, remixes, and short-form EPs. He’s hopped from label to label, resting on whatever outfit seems to fit a particular release. A year ago, he put out a 7″ on Lefse; now, his latest LP sees the light of day via Mush. While Scattered Into Light remains firmly in-brand for Ferreira, all honeyed samples and clattering beats, it’s indicative that Sun Glitters works best when he’s restless.

Saturated with vaporous guest vocals from Italian singer Sara Cappai (one half of Diverting Duo), Scattered Into Light might be consistent to a flaw. It’s light, pretty stuff that coasts at a pleasant tempo, rarely dropping into the danger or melancholy that Ferreira has been known to engineer on singles like “Alone“, a collaboration with Denmark’s Sleep Party People. Cappai appears, for the most part, to pronounce each song’s title repeatedly, adding little lyrical content to the gentle meshes around her.

The album does save one surprise for the end. Like fellow chillwave stalwart Teen Daze, Sun Glitters finds his music slips easily into a world without computers. An acoustic rendition of a song called “Too Much to Lose” lets Cappai’s vocals ring clear above fingerpicked guitar and a beat crafted from what sounds like coins scraping together. Hearing Ferreira’s composition cut free from the murmurs and throbs that he relies on so heavily in his electronic production shows that Sun Glitters hasn’t shelved his tendency to experiment. “Too Much to Lose” here feels like more of a B-side than an album closer, but it hints that Sun Glitters won’t stick around in this comfortable groove for long.

Essential Tracks: “When the Train Comes”, “And the Sun Goes Down”

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