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Listen: Tiger Waves’ new single, “Sundressed”

on December 16, 2013, 11:01am

tigerwaves 1024x682 Listen: Tiger Waves new single, Sundressed

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, a new type of band origin story has increasingly been told: “We met on the Internet.” It’s now possible for musicians to live in different parts of the world, trading bits and pieces of tracks back and forth through Ethernet cables and WiFi. But while the results can sometimes feel cold and overly-digitalized, Austin, Texas’ Tiger Waves have managed to keep their net-born sound as bright as if it had been forged in the direct sunlight of wide-open fields.

Reid Comstock lived in Chicago when he and James Marshall began Tiger Waves through a series of “dropboxes, email attachments, and CD-Rs.” Eventually, the former relocated to the latter’s Austin home, and the pair added guitarist/songwriter Tyler Wharen and drummer Joshua Kerl to help round out the band’s pensive-yet-sunny pop sound.

Canvasback Music will release the debut 7-inch single from the band on December 17th as part of the label’s new Canvasclub singles series. We’ve already heard the A-side, “Weekends”, and now the band has revealed the release’s B-side, the even sunnier “Sundressed”. Sounds like the track’s yawning strain of a guitar line and the jangly beat of a tambourine belie Tiger Waves’ web-based birth. Similarly, lyrics like “In this light you look so perfect / beautiful and strange” give way to bleaker thoughts like “We don’t talk / I know a secret / Everything will change.” The sun won’t shine forever, will it? Take a listen to the new cut below.