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Top 10 Chicago Rappers Ready To Make The Chance Leap

on December 19, 2013, 12:37am
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Lil Herb

Lil Herb is exactly what Chicago rap was missing: a natural-born wordsmith endlessly detailing the morbid side of drill culture. Here’s the opening line from Herb and Lil Bibby’s “Kill Shit”, so point A-to-point B incisive that you don’t notice how coldhearted it is: “Know a couple niggas that’s down to ride for a homicide when it’s drama time.” Or what about “4 Minutes of Hell”, the hook-less slither already spotlighted in our Scariest Hip-Hop Songs feature for its bloodshed and dark humor: “Maintenance man hate the block cuz we always make a mess.” As we await his Welcome to Fazoland mixtape, Herb has been dropping a long trail of songs individually; the best of them can be found on the Fake Shore Drive-presented compilation Heir Apparents. With Bibby and producer DJ L, the 18-year-old Herb has just a couple of key collaborators, as opposed to the entire squad that surrounds Keef. That means we don’t have to worry much about Herb, a singular presence, losing his individuality amid a deluge of less talented peers. –Mike Madden

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