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Top 10 Chicago Rappers Ready To Make The Chance Leap

on December 19, 2013, 12:37am
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Lucki Eck$

It’s a good thing Lucki Eck$ called his mixtape Alternative Trap before anybody else chose to do so. As per an interview with Noisey, he’s referencing Chromatics as well as Keef, but that doesn’t mean this is crossover bait. His spacey beats (frequently provided by close collaborator Plu2o Nash) focus on wobbly darkness and eerie space, giving his loose, smokey flow and rhymes about drugs and the dominance of his squad a nuanced intensity unlike the typical aggression of trap.

The 16-year-old Eck$ has only been recording for about a year, and his rhymes have already dramatically grown in breadth and power. That said, his early 2013 tracks already featured that bruised, cold style, particularly the excellent “No Troubles”, in which Eck$’ clever twists on the usual trap fare bring himself to laughter, all as Nate Fox (the producer of Chance’s show-stopping “Juice”) stitches together a minimalist beat of Bob Marley sample. Eck$ combines the braggadocio and menace of Keef with the doped chuckle of a quick-witted Kool A.D., without ever sounding like the prototypical trap rapper or Das Racist. –Adam Kivel

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