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Death Grips have started working on a new album

on January 20, 2014, 1:31am

Death Grips have a well-documented history of pissing off fans by canceling tours only to satiate them months later by releasing an album. In 2012, they canceled their summer tour to complete their sophomore record, NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Then last summer, they caused plenty of drama by canceling another tour and numerous festival gigs, resulting in Government Plates. Now, though, it seems like Death Grips has finally figured out how to times things out in proper order, as a post on drummer Zach Hill’s Facebook reveals the band is working on a new album and then have plans to tour.

“Starting to record the new Death Grips album right now,” the post says, followed by, “hope to tour alot this summer.” [sic] The new record will likely see release on the band’s own Thirdworlds Records, the label they started after having unhappy dealings with the majors. While the label allows them to release music through “a very unique relationship with Harvest/Capitol, to be distributed by Caroline,” the publishing rights to the songs will fall under a new deal the band recently struck with Warp Music Publishing.

In addition to the new album and tour, Hill says he’d like to work on new material with his noise rock outfit Hella “sooner or later”, and that he’s still writing his film. Though it’s expected the film will be scored by Death Grips’ tunes, it likely won’t star Robert Pattinson.