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Listen: Brazilian Girls’ Sabina’s new solo track, “Viva L’amour”

on January 17, 2014, 11:00am

Sciubba has spent the better part of a decade (give or take a breakup) fronting New York’s eclectic electro-dance outfit Brazilian Girls. But historically, Sabina was never one to settle for long, having spent her life bouncing between Italy, Germany, France, and New York. Keeping with her wayfaring ways, she eventually needed an escape from the dance music Brazilian Girls was known for, and she found it in an acoustic guitar.

“But after a while I felt like I had gone off too far,” she said in a press release. “I was out in the woods, so I came back to the city—And the city was Paris.” There, in the City of Lights with her band’s longtime producer Frederik Rubens, Sabina canned her debut solo record, Toujours (that’s French for “always”). The title track has already demonstrated how Rubens helped Sabina discover the potential in those woodsy recordings, and now she’s revealed another taste of the album in “Viva L’amour”.

Sabina may be stepping away from Brazilian Girls’ sound, but she still very much captures its playful spirit in “Viva L’amour”. A cowbell assault becomes the controlling gait of the song as a gently muffled guitar keeps the whole affair confidently moving along. There’s a kind of global interplay with her vocals, her noticeable Parisian accent reverberating layers of dry romanticism alongside a frisky grittiness that can only come from living in New York. There’s the feeling that Tarantino could use this to soundtrack some high-booted sex symbol strutting into a scene, but for now just let it soundtrack your day by clicking play below.

Toujours is out February 18th via Bar/None Records. Check out the tracklist below.

Toujours Tracklist:
01. Cinema
02. Viva L’Amour
03. Long Distance Love
04. Mystery River
05. The Sun
06. Non Mi Aspettare
07. Toujours
08. Tabarly
09. Sailor’s Daughter
10. Fields of Snow
11. Won’t Let You Break Me
12. Going Home

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