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Listen: Mainland’s punchy new track “Shiner”

on January 31, 2014, 9:33am

New York-based band Mainland have spent the last few years on the tour circuit, honing their likable, pop-minded take on garage rock and angular proto-punk. Bouncing from city to city, they met Spoon drummer and prolific producer Jim Eno at a show in Austin, Texas, and discussed making a record. The result of the fateful meeting is the band’s forthcoming EP, Shiner, a brief but riotous collection of hooky and overdriven tunes. Recorded at Eno’s Public Hi-Fi studio in Austin, Shiner is hitting stores on February 25th.

The EP’s title track is one of the best examples of its lively, crunchy, guitar-driven offerings. Punctuated by a prominent bass line and the biting, resigned opening line “I’m tired of drinking every night / won’t somebody tell me it’s alright?”, “Shiner”, while beer-soaked and exhausted, still maintains its energy. Listen to the rowdy track below.

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