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Listen: Mark McGuire’s new song “In Search of the Miraculous”

on January 23, 2014, 1:30pm

Former Emeralds guitarist Mark McGuire calls his new album, Along the Way, “an odyssey through the vast, unknown regions of the mind,” a creative journey that features the “endless unfolding of psychological landscapes” and leads “to perpetual discoveries and expansions, in a genuinely emergent and infinite world of worlds.” Appropriately so, the LP’s lead single, “The Instinct”, was an expansive, 12-minute number dotted with various sonic peaks and valleys.

McGuire continues his introspective ways on his latest song, “In Search of the Miraculous”, named after Russian thinker P.D. Ouspensky’s book of the same name. Tingling guitars play alongside the exotic glow of synths, a catching combo that leads this meandering cut down yet another curious path. “It’s about a person falling in love with knowledge and following that love wherever it takes him in search of truth and understanding of himself and the world,” he tells Rolling Stone

“The main mantra of the song is, ‘All that we know is only learned,’ implying that all knowledge created and discovered by man is continuously open to re-evaluation and can always grow and change, which basically leaves reality open to all possibilities.” Listen in below (via Rolling Stone).

Along the Way is due out February 4th via Dead Oceans.

Along the Way Tracklist:
01. Awakening
02. Wonderland of Living Things
03. In Search of the Miraculous
04. To the Macrobes (Where Do I Go?)
05. Astray
06. Silent Weapons (The Architects of Manipulation)
07. The Instinct
08. The Human Condition (Song for My Father)
09. For the Friendships (Along the Way)
10. Arrival Begins the Next Departure
11. The War on Consciousness
12. The Lonelier Way
13. Turiya (The Same Way)