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Listen: The Coathangers’ new song “Follow Me”

on January 23, 2014, 2:27pm

The Black Lips aren’t the only loud-mouthed, slightly filthy punk rockers cavorting about the Atlanta scene. They’re joined in acts of merriment and chaos by a bands like the Flat Tires, The Nervous Jerks, and, perhaps most directly, The Coathangers. After forming as a joke in 2006, the all-girl outfit was quickly picked up by the Lips as mentees and tour mates. Since then, The Coathangers have released a number of singles, EPs, and three full-lengths, most recently 2011’s Larceny & Old Lace. And just as the Lips have a new record due out this spring , so too will The Coathangers return with their latest, Suck My Shirt, due out March 18th via Suicide Squeeze Records.

Their first as a trio (keyboardist Candice Jones departed shortly before recording), the record sees the band “retain the alluring spontaneity and happy accidents of their early releases (while sounding) far more deliberate and locked-in than anything they’ve done in the past,” according to a press release.

For a taste of the more refined Coathangers, check out the album’s lead single, “Follow Me”. While they’ve always been a little campy and slightly kitschy, those goofier tendencies take a backseat to snarling vocals, caustic guitars, and just enough power chords and hooks maintain a slight sheen of poppy infectiousness. Listen in below.

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