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Listen: The Pass’s new song, “Don’t Take It”

on January 14, 2014, 11:53am

Synth rockers The Pass are looking to make 2014 a banner year with their follow-up to 2012′s Melt this summer. To whet fans’ appetites, the Kentucky natives are dropping a new 7-inch single every month for four months, beginning today. We’ve already heard this month’s sleek A-Side, “Sunny Day”, and now the band has revealed the sharp B-Side, “Don’t Take It”.

Whereas the A-Side borrowed The 1979’s warbling waves, “Don’t Take It” is far crisper around the edges, tight pop in the vain of mid-aughts Phoenix. With plenty to keep your feet shuffling and your neck bending, the bridge adds a dash of Bowie-ian drama as Kyle Peters echoes, “Is it that your thoughts are gone?” The track manages to compliment “Sunny Day” without rehashing the same aesthetic, a testament to how The Pass is gunning for eight solid tracks with this new 7-inch series and not just filling up the B-Sides with space . Take a listen below.

“Sunny Day”/”Don’t Take It” is out today on sonaBLAST! Records and limited to just 500 pressings. The same goes for each of the next three releases, and each month will feature a different-colored vinyl pressing. You can order the January single for $7 or pre-order a bundle of all four 7-inches for $25 at the band’s merch page. Limited to only 100 bundles, those who order the four singles together will see their name right on the back of the April single. They’ll also be entered in a drawing to win one of the four test printings for the singles.

January 7-inch Single Tracklist:
01. Sunny Day
02. Don’t Take It