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Listen: Washed Out remixes Moby’s “Almost Home” featuring Damien Jurado

on January 24, 2014, 11:45am

Earlier this week, Liars morphed Moby and Damien Jurado’“Almost Home” into a robotic anthem, eight dense minutes of hectic beat patterns and groaning synths. In the end, Liars made the cooing Innocents original feel like nothing but a distant memory.

Now, Ernest Greene’s Washed Out project has issued their very own remix, a fine and feathery rendition that stays truer to Moby’s vision. Greene stretches and chills out the atmospheres of track, until it’s one delicate and lush orb of sound. Here, everything from the vocals to the percussion seem to appear only fleetingly before evaporating into thin air. Listen in below.

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