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Listen: Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner remixes Broken Bells’ “Holding On For Life”

on January 22, 2014, 9:08am

In addition to being the wild-haired guitarist of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and an accomplished amateur photographer, Nick Zinner has built up quite the sizable discography of remixes over his career. He made Bloc Party’s “Compliments” extra sleek and sexy, somehow managed to spin Grinderman’s “Bellringer Blues” deeper into a grimy, Avant-rock void, and even reworked YYYS’ “Gold Lion” into an electro-folk banger.

For his latest effort, Zinner’s tackled Broken Bells’ Bee Gees-inspired disco anthem “Holding On For Life”. Zinner approaches the song with kid gloves, amping up the bass to levels more appropriate for modern-day EDM while working to play up the slightly funky Saturday Night Fever vibe. It’s not breaking any new ground, but this little ditty’s just one more track for your next sweat-soaked dance party. Listen in below (via Rolling Stone).

“We’ve never really had remixes, but some songs on this album seemed like they could be played with,” Broken Bells’ Danger Mouse told Rolling Stone. “We really loved how Nick flipped the song, and it makes us want to get more remixes done.”

The original “Holding On For Life” is off Broken Bells’ sophomore album, After The Disco, due out February 4th via Columbia.