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Prince withdraws $22 million bootlegging lawsuit

on January 28, 2014, 9:22pm

Lo, the faithful and non-believers alike, our Prince is a merciful funk deity. As TMZ reports, the Purple One has withdrawn the lawsuit filed last week against 22 fans who bootlegged recordings of his concert.

However, there’s a catch: the rescinding order occurred¬†“without prejudice”, meaning Prince and his legal team could refile at any time. Perhaps this was just a warning of the potentially dire consequences of throwing down against Prince Rogers Nelson?

And just as Prince taketh away, so doth he giveth, unveiling a snippet of a new song entitled, “PRETZELBODYLOGIC”. The hard-rocking, shout-heavy track is reportedly off the upcoming 3rdEyeGirl album PLECTRUMELECTRUM, due out later this year.

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